New York Live Fun!


A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to help her out with a fashion segment for New York Live. I’ve always loved New York Live so how could I say no! We were shooting in the basement of The Ainsworth and the segment was highlighting the current stripe trend. A bunch of my friends were the “models” for the segment and we all got to try on some awesome outfits. I was lucky enough to sport this killer Shoshanna dress (below) that I am hoping to one day purchase. It was a little big, but we pulled it together in the back with a hair tie (oh the magic of television!). We had such a great time and the segment ended up looking fabulous. You can check it out here!


xox L


Do You Baggu?


Look me in the eyes and tell me these bags aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen. I mean… come on! Who ever thought being eco-friendly could be so stylish. Okay… well everyone, but these take it to a whole new level! I recently came across these totes while shopping with my roommate in Madewell. The bright colors and adorable patters are truly too hard to resist. They have almost any shape, size, and color you could want (my personal favorite is number 8 above). Check out their website. You will not be disappointed.

1. Sea Stripe Baggu- $9

2. Sea Case For iPad- $28

3. Papaya Dot Baggu- $9

4. Dot Zipper Bag S- $8

5. Magenta Baggu- $9

6. Neon Daypack- $24

7. Electric Purple Baby Baggu- $7

8. Elephant Baggu- $9

xox L

I’m Thankful For…


It’s pretty easy to go about your week without acknowledging things you’re thankful for. I do this all the time. I forget how thankful I am for certain family members, friends, blogs, books etc. Sometimes we (unintentionally) forget to say thank you and express how truly grateful we are. So if you get the chance this week write an email, pick up the phone, or send a postcard saying thank you to someone who has helped you or inspired you.  Sometimes people don’t know what an inspiration they are until someone says tells them!

This week I’d like to thank For those of you who don’t know about this site, it’s an amazing resource for everything related to graphic design, blogging and style. She also has amazing free templates, tutorials, and how-to’s. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking it out. I know you’ll love it.

So thank you for making my week a little more colorful! You truly inspire me.

xox L

Monday Blues

Happy Monday everyone! I’m usually very excited about the beginning of the week. I love getting myself organized on Sunday afternoon and starting my week off right. But this week I’ve been dragging a little. Today my list of to-do’s seems pretty long and no matter how many I cross off, I find something else to add-on.  I’m going a little cross-eyed over here. I feel like Tuesday will be better thought (we can only hope). I hope everyone else is enjoying their Monday!

xox L

it went bang, bang, bang straight through my heart.



  • Go to yoga
  • Get coffee
  • Eat lunch
  • Get bangs
  • Go to the store
  • See “The Hunger Games”

Yup. I did it. I pulled the trigger and BANG BANG (pun intended), I got bangs! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. But I woke up today and knew today was the day.

My obsession with bangs goes all the way back to 9th grade. As I recall, “The OC” was the hot show and Mischa Barton had bangs. I remember marching my butt into the hair salon and requesting bangs. But, 14 year old me chickened out and went for a {less aggressive} side bang. It was just too big of a commitment. 

In college, my friend Heather got full bangs and I was SO jealous. They looked amazing on her and she totally rock them. Again, I marched into the hair salon with a picture of Reese Witherspoon and insisted someone give me her bangs. My hair dresser at the time told me he could do it… but it would look very different because my part was blah blah blah blah blah. Long story short, no bangs.

I thought maybe I had finally grown out of my “bang-session” when I graduate college. I was pretty happy with my hair, but still felt something was missing. Then, out of nowhere, EVERYONE (aka 2 of my style/fashion icons) got bangs. I thought “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and I decided (this morning during downward dog in yoga) that I was going to do it. My hair grows pretty fast and what’s the worst thing that could happen? I don’t like them. I’ve had a few haircuts I didn’t like, and I survived. So as any well informed person would do, I yelped “hair salons near me.”

{Enter Soon Beauty Lab} I decided to go to Soon because 1.) Their logo is adorable, 2.) They were only 10 blocks away from my apartment, and 3.) They had glowing reviews on Yelp. I called up my bestie Allison and requested her attendance at this crazy event.

Soon was amazing! It was cute, clean, well decorated, and had very reasonable prices. Also, I didn’t even make an appointment and they fit me in with Hannah on-the-spot. Being the stalker that I am I showed Hannah a picture of Bri Emery’s bangs and asked if I could pull them off. She told me I could totally rock them and started cutting. 20 minutes and a lot of hair later… I had bangs!

I absolutely LOVE them and am so happy with my decision. They kind of make my forehead itchy, but I think I’ll get over that soon {or at least I hope I do}.

xox L

I HEART Photo Booths!


Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Whether I’m in the middle of a bar or an arcade I can’t deny a photo booth session. Honestly, I don’t even have a camera at the moment (other than my iPhone) so if I can pop in a photo booth, document a night, and leave with a cute print-out in hand…. I’m a happy camper! You can never have enough pictures of you and your friends. Am I right?

xox L

P.S. The two stunning ladies with me (above) are my friends Allison and Heather. I was feeling a little out of place with my blonde hair!

All That Glitter Is Gold.


Let me take you back to Christmas 2011 when Kate Spade introduced the Sparkler Gia. My mother had pointed it out to me in the handbag section of Lord & Taylor. I picked up the bag, inspected it, and put it back down. “It’s pretty and I love the glitter, but I don’t think I’d ever use it” I said. We continued shopping and I didn’t think about the bag again.

In February I went to a friends housewarming party in Boston and had the chance to catch up with some of my college friends. One of my best (and most stylish) friends Kacey came strutting into the party with the multi-colored Sparkler Gia. I died a little right there. She was using it as a clutch and it looked amazing with her outfit. It was the perfect accessory with a pop of color. I told Kacey how much I wanted the Gia and even attempted to buy one online on my phone….while at the party (desperate times call for desperate measures). Needless to say stores no longer had it in stock and my dreams were crushed. I accepted my fate and moved on.

About a month later I was on vacation with my family in Barbados when I got a frantic iMessage from Kacey. She said, “THE GOLD SPARKLER GIA IS ON THE ONLINE KATE SPADE SAMPLE SALE RIGHT NOW.” I mean is she the best friend ever or what?! I pulled out my credit card, processed the order, and was the proud owner of a Gold Sparkler Gia.

Although many consider gold glitter to be very “holiday” and “winter,” I will be dragging this clutch around with me all year. It makes me happy and I just don’t care if it’s the incorrect season. I should have trusted my instinct the day my mom and I first laid eyes on it. Glitter is my gold.

xox L

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Call Me Maybe.


If you have a BlackBerry I apologies for this post in advance. Nothing makes me happier than popping on a new iPhone case. Just like painting your nails, changing your phone case can brighten your mood {and outfit} for a pretty reasonable cost. So in honor of spring here are some of my favorite warm weather tech cases!

xox L

1. Kate Spade– $40

2. Native Union POP Phone- $29.90

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs– $38

4. Dannijo- $98

5. RoseNie- $19.99

6. Marc By Marc Jacobs– $38

7. Southernne- $59.95

8. Tory Burch- $40


With temperatures in the 70’s today I think it’s safe to say spring has officially sprung. I do have this {little} fear that we’re going to have a freak snowstorm, but hopefully that’s not the case! I hope everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some fresh air. We’ve been waiting for this amazing weather for months now, we better to take advantage of it!

P.S. Did you know it’s macaron day? As if we need a day to celebrate macarons, everyday is macaroon day.

xox L

A Week Like This Only Happens Once Every 399 Years….

The planets and stars must be in line because man oh man this week could go down in history. Not only is the season finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight, but it’s also “A-Day.” If you don’t watch the show this may mean nothing to you but to those who watch THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. No but really, I have no idea what’s going to happen and I literally have butterflies in anticipation of the episode.

We also have another amazing episode of Dace Moms which (as we all know) is one of the most groundbreaking television shows of our time. I mean what could be better than watching amazing little dancers and listening to Abby Lee Miller yell like a smoker?

Lastly, The Hunger Games comes out this week and again, I can’t wait. I read all of the books in about 5 hours and have heard the movies totally lives up to the novel.

Hope everyone has the chance to catch at least one!

xox L


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