If You’re Out There Babe Walker…

Recently I’ve been on a reading kick. While on vacation in Barbados I devoured two books in a week which I haven’t done since college. I’ve read a lot of spiritual books (à la Gabrielle Bernstein) so when searching for my next book I was looking for something different. And man, did I find it.

While roaming the floors of Barnes & Noble Union Square (which is the perfect way to describe what I do, man is that place huge) I came across “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. As almost every girl knows, @whitegirlproblems is hysterical. Actually, she tweeted something about taking croutons out of her salad yesterday and I started crying I was laughing so hard. Anyways, I pick up the book and immediately walked to the check-out line because my search was done. I knew this would be the perfect book for moi.

2 days and 4 impromptu book readings for my roommates later I finished the book and man, Babe Walker is a force to be recorded with. If you’re on the fence about buying the book (I totally get it $13.99 is a lot to swing these days) let me give you my 10 reasons why you should buy it.

10. Babe provides sketches of the outfits she wore to accompany each chapter/story. This is not to give you fashion advice, but rather to make you scratch your head wondering how she could have a closet that would hold so many Céline bags.

9. She has a beautiful, hysterical, heartfelt reunion with her mother.

8. She takes Adderall like it’s Orbit.

7. She has a short relationship with a trendy DJ.

6. She treats colleges like an accessory and switches often.

5. She has a stellar best friend name Genevieve.

4. She sucked at the only job she ever had.

3. Her grandma (Tai Tai) offers some really inspirational advice like “don’t go to bed with a full face of makeup on, unless you think you may die in your sleep.”

2. There is a chapter titled “Sorry for texting you ninety-three times last night” which all girls have done once (or a hundred times) in their lifetime.

1. Her crazy alter ego Babette frequents the book and brings you to tears. Not touching tears, but more “I’m laughing so hard I slammed my head on my nightstand and am now lying on the floor still laughing about how funny chapter 10 is” tears.

Just read it. And Babe, if you’re out there, I think you’re crazy and should join the cast of a soap opera. but I know you would never. Because your too chić.

xo Lo

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