Happy St. Patrick’s Day… Kinda


Well, I’m pretty happy that’s over. I consider St. Patrick’s Day to be just about as fun as ripping off a Band-Aid. And as my friend said on the phone this morning, “we are as far away from the next St. Patrick’s Day as we’ll ever be.” Thank God.

On that uplifting note, my roommate and I looked super cute during our (minimal) holiday celebrations. I wore a stunning (if I do say so myself) dress from Forever21 and my roommate wore neon green skinny jeans also from (hold your breath) Forever21! We shop at more upscale establishments for more important holidays such as Arbor Day, Presidents’ Day, Flag Day, Groundhog Day (you get my point). I’m jealous of my roommate because she has skinny legs that look good in neon skinny jeans. (Remember ladies wearing colored skinny jeans is a privilege, not a right.)

Hope everyone has recovered from the green beer and soda bread. Next year lets celebrate by drinking coffee and eating pastries rather than binge drinking. Who’s with me? Look at those hands fly…

xox L

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