All That Glitter Is Gold.


Let me take you back to Christmas 2011 when Kate Spade introduced the Sparkler Gia. My mother had pointed it out to me in the handbag section of Lord & Taylor. I picked up the bag, inspected it, and put it back down. “It’s pretty and I love the glitter, but I don’t think I’d ever use it” I said. We continued shopping and I didn’t think about the bag again.

In February I went to a friends housewarming party in Boston and had the chance to catch up with some of my college friends. One of my best (and most stylish) friends Kacey came strutting into the party with the multi-colored Sparkler Gia. I died a little right there. She was using it as a clutch and it looked amazing with her outfit. It was the perfect accessory with a pop of color. I told Kacey how much I wanted the Gia and even attempted to buy one online on my phone….while at the party (desperate times call for desperate measures). Needless to say stores no longer had it in stock and my dreams were crushed. I accepted my fate and moved on.

About a month later I was on vacation with my family in Barbados when I got a frantic iMessage from Kacey. She said, “THE GOLD SPARKLER GIA IS ON THE ONLINE KATE SPADE SAMPLE SALE RIGHT NOW.” I mean is she the best friend ever or what?! I pulled out my credit card, processed the order, and was the proud owner of a Gold Sparkler Gia.

Although many consider gold glitter to be very “holiday” and “winter,” I will be dragging this clutch around with me all year. It makes me happy and I just don’t care if it’s the incorrect season. I should have trusted my instinct the day my mom and I first laid eyes on it. Glitter is my gold.

xox L

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