Do You Baggu?


Look me in the eyes and tell me these bags aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen. I mean… come on! Who ever thought being eco-friendly could be so stylish. Okay… well everyone, but these take it to a whole new level! I recently came across these totes while shopping with my roommate in Madewell. The bright colors and adorable patters are truly too hard to resist. They have almost any shape, size, and color you could want (my personal favorite is number 8 above). Check out their website. You will not be disappointed.

1. Sea Stripe Baggu- $9

2. Sea Case For iPad- $28

3. Papaya Dot Baggu- $9

4. Dot Zipper Bag S- $8

5. Magenta Baggu- $9

6. Neon Daypack- $24

7. Electric Purple Baby Baggu- $7

8. Elephant Baggu- $9

xox L

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