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About a year and a half ago I discovered the app Instagram and I think it’s safe to say that it changed the way I use my iPhone. The iPhone camera has always been good, but there was something missing. I never felt like my pictures lived up to my experiences. But once I started using Instagram that totally changed. You have so many filters you can make a boring picture look like a work of art.

I never though I would find another photo app that I loved as much as Instagram. That was until I discovered Cinemagram. To keep it short, Cinemagram is “a fun and beautiful way to animate your photos.”  You take a short 2-3 second video, select the area you’d like to animate, and then choose a filter. Voila! You’ve created an amazing image that looks like it belongs on the front page of “The Daily Prophet” (that’s right, the newspaper in Harry Potter…don’t act like you didn’t know that!)

Check our the Cinemagram tumblr account as well as the fun Cinemagrams (above and below) that my sister and I took!

xox L

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