Hip Hip…..Hooray!

I recently came across these bags and have completely fallen in love. I won’t even use the term “fanny pack” to describe them because they are so BEYOND that 80’s accessory. I’ll admit it, sometimes I just don’t want to carry a purse. At one point in my life I actually recall putting my purse inside a Forever 21 bag just so I didn’t have to carry it. But with the “hipster” from Hipster For Sisters, you no longer have to carry your purse. It simply straps around your waist, and you’re on your way!

Not only is this bag stylish, but it’s smart too! The “hipster” is impeccably constructed by hand in the USA and is made from an exceptionally durable, stain and graffiti resistant, eco-certified and animal-friendly fabric. Not to mention the interior is lined with an amazing 100% silk charmeuse. What makes me love these bags even more is that inside each hipster there’s a matching change purse that can hold your credit cards, driver’s license and even some cash! It’s perfect for those moments when you’re running to grab a coffee and don’t want to bring your whole purse.  For $310 this bag is a steal.

So channel your inner 80’s girl (a much more stylish one of course… with less leg warmers and lower side ponytail) and check out all of the bags at hipstersforsisters.com.

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