For the Makers

I LOVE crafts. I could spend hours perusing Pinterest looking for a good craft project. But one of my biggest pet peeves is buying the supplies.  Let’s be real I don’t have a craft closet in my teeny tiny Manhattan apartment. I’m lucky to have a closet at all! Having extra supplies lying around  just isn’t something I want. That’s why I’m so thankful for my new find: For the Makers! It’s like Birchbox for crafters. I’ll let the experts do the explaining:

“For the Makers is a space for sharing ideas, skills and inspiration. Simply sign up and every month you’ll receive supplies for four projects. For $29 we source the best materials and deliver them to your door, letting you skip straight to the fun part. Shipping is always free. We’ll walk you through each project with a fun how-to on our website but also encourage you to explore the creative potential in each package. Once you make something, share it with friends and fellow Makers.”

What’s not to like about that! I just received my first box (August) in the mail and my crafts are:

  • Marshall Street Raffia Belt
  • Navy Yard Studded Bangle
  • Vinegar Hill Hair Elastic
  • Plymouth Brass Bar Necklace

Can’t wait to share how everything turns out! Be sure to check out their website as well as their Facebook & Twitter accounts!

xox L

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