Loving Him Was Red


Tuesday was already my favorite day of the work week (New Girl, Dance Moms, Pretty Little Liars...need I say more?) but for the rest of October Tuesdays will only get better. Taylor Swift will be releasing a single off of her upcoming album every Tuesday until the full album release on October 22nd (also a Tuesday). So get your dancing pants on and enjoy some of her sweet new songs. I’m currently playing Red on repeat.

P.S. check out some of her album artwork. I’m loving the bold colors & font!


A Week Like This Only Happens Once Every 399 Years….

The planets and stars must be in line because man oh man this week could go down in history. Not only is the season finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight, but it’s also “A-Day.” If you don’t watch the show this may mean nothing to you but to those who watch THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. No but really, I have no idea what’s going to happen and I literally have butterflies in anticipation of the episode.

We also have another amazing episode of Dace Moms which (as we all know) is one of the most groundbreaking television shows of our time. I mean what could be better than watching amazing little dancers and listening to Abby Lee Miller yell like a smoker?

Lastly, The Hunger Games comes out this week and again, I can’t wait. I read all of the books in about 5 hours and have heard the movies totally lives up to the novel.

Hope everyone has the chance to catch at least one!

xox L


Amazing video of Birdy covering “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. She’s only 15 and has the most amazing voice. Happy Monday!

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