Duly Noted


Just because I’m not in school (per say) doesn’t mean I don’t do back to school shopping! Here are few of my must-have items for this fall!

  1. NOTEBOOK: I love this notebook from Brown Paper Designs.
  2. PENCIL CASE: This large flat pouch is from Stephanie Johnson. It’s perfect for pencils, pens, makeup etc! $38
  3. BAG: Okay…. a girl can dream. I’m not even going to put the price of that Chloé bag. I honestly can’t afford to even look at it.
  4. TEE: I’m OBSESSED with this mint green tee from Old Navy. I already know it’s going to be my go-to fall tee. $12
  5. WASHI TAPE: This stuff makes everything look better. I put it on everything from notebooks to envelopes. PrettyTape has just about every color, print, and pattern under the sun! $4 a roll.

Pink Olive’s Christmas in July Party

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Yesterday I had the privilege of attending Pink Olive‘s Christmas in July Party where the exclusive Pink Olive Gifting Kit from Knot & Bow was launched. The party was held at the Pink Olive Park Slope location and was crawling with inspirational creatives like  Glitter + Rye (who designed the adorable windows) & Rebecca Beach of A Daily Something. I got a chance to mix & mingle with fellow bloggers, and hear some of their tips for gift wrappin’ and gift givin’. Aside from the torrential downpour and the slightly scary lightning storm, the night was a blast!

p.s. We had the most amazing pumpkin whoopie pies from One Girl Cookies. I could have had about 7 more, but I put a stop at 1. Yey me!


My Current Obsession

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had an AMAZING week. I felt like it went a little slow, but that’s okay because now it’s the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m going home to spend some quality time with my mom! But before the weekend, I just had to share my current obsession. On Wednesday I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale (I know, it was just as amazing as it sounds) and I scored this AMAZING iPad case. It’s neon pink and literally what I have been dreaming of for some time. Your iPad goes inside the case and it can even stand up when you flip the cover backwards. I have looked everywhere online and can’t find where this is normally sold but if you have time, hop on over to the sample sale and grab one for yourself! The hours are Sat., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. ENJOY!

* Found it…on sale! You’re welcome.

xox L

Hello Lovely…

I love dresses. Really really love dresses. I went through a phase in college where I only wore dresses. I think I may still be in the phase, but living in NYC you have to be a little more realistic about the weather/ temperature. There’s no hopping in a car and driving exactly where you need to be. There’s almost always walking involved in city activities. Regardless, when the weather gets warm, my dresses collection comes out!

I bought this dress (above) at H&M for $29.95 (I also bought it in mint green). It’s super comfortable and could be cute for work, a lunch or even a fun summer dinner!

xox L

Max & Chloe Monogram Necklace


I have to tell you all about my favorite piece of jewelry that I own. To start off, I really don’t wear jewelry. I had my ears pierced when I was 10 (I think) and can probably count on one hand the times I have worn earrings. In fact, most of my friends don’t know that I have my ears pierced. I also have freakishly small wrists and find that bracelets always fall off. Rings are okay, but I end up taking them off when I’m on the computer. Long story short, I’m usually just better off without jewelry. But necklaces are a different story (I can usually wear them). Not cool chunky costume jewelry, but a small necklace on a chain that can go with everything. And when I say everything… I mean everything. I need to be able to wear this necklace with a tee-shirt, a ball gown, a Halloween costume and my pajamas.

I got my first monogram necklace at a store in my hometown (Bella Home) and fell love. I quickly realized that I could wear it with just about everything, it was really comfortable, and never got in the way. Sadly the necklace was only gold dipped and tarnished about 6 months after I got it. But even as it turned, I continued to wear it. Then as a wonderful surprise, my parents gave me a gold Max & Chloe Monogram Necklace for graduation.  It was just as amazing as the one I previously had, but with the promise of not turning (because it was gold and not gold dipped).

Today, I’m still really really happy with the necklace and wear it everywhere. Yoga, in the shower, to the store, out to dinner, to interviews, and to sleep. If you are thinking about buying a monogram necklace and are trying to decide if  you’ll like it, I would recommend buying a gold dipped option. Once you see how often you wear it, you can decided if it’s worth investing in solid gold.

Out of all of my belongings, I think it’s one of the more special pieces I have. What can be more you than your initials?

xox L

Do You Baggu?


Look me in the eyes and tell me these bags aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen. I mean… come on! Who ever thought being eco-friendly could be so stylish. Okay… well everyone, but these take it to a whole new level! I recently came across these totes while shopping with my roommate in Madewell. The bright colors and adorable patters are truly too hard to resist. They have almost any shape, size, and color you could want (my personal favorite is number 8 above). Check out their website. You will not be disappointed.

1. Sea Stripe Baggu- $9

2. Sea Case For iPad- $28

3. Papaya Dot Baggu- $9

4. Dot Zipper Bag S- $8

5. Magenta Baggu- $9

6. Neon Daypack- $24

7. Electric Purple Baby Baggu- $7

8. Elephant Baggu- $9

xox L

All That Glitter Is Gold.


Let me take you back to Christmas 2011 when Kate Spade introduced the Sparkler Gia. My mother had pointed it out to me in the handbag section of Lord & Taylor. I picked up the bag, inspected it, and put it back down. “It’s pretty and I love the glitter, but I don’t think I’d ever use it” I said. We continued shopping and I didn’t think about the bag again.

In February I went to a friends housewarming party in Boston and had the chance to catch up with some of my college friends. One of my best (and most stylish) friends Kacey came strutting into the party with the multi-colored Sparkler Gia. I died a little right there. She was using it as a clutch and it looked amazing with her outfit. It was the perfect accessory with a pop of color. I told Kacey how much I wanted the Gia and even attempted to buy one online on my phone….while at the party (desperate times call for desperate measures). Needless to say stores no longer had it in stock and my dreams were crushed. I accepted my fate and moved on.

About a month later I was on vacation with my family in Barbados when I got a frantic iMessage from Kacey. She said, “THE GOLD SPARKLER GIA IS ON THE ONLINE KATE SPADE SAMPLE SALE RIGHT NOW.” I mean is she the best friend ever or what?! I pulled out my credit card, processed the order, and was the proud owner of a Gold Sparkler Gia.

Although many consider gold glitter to be very “holiday” and “winter,” I will be dragging this clutch around with me all year. It makes me happy and I just don’t care if it’s the incorrect season. I should have trusted my instinct the day my mom and I first laid eyes on it. Glitter is my gold.

xox L

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Call Me Maybe.


If you have a BlackBerry I apologies for this post in advance. Nothing makes me happier than popping on a new iPhone case. Just like painting your nails, changing your phone case can brighten your mood {and outfit} for a pretty reasonable cost. So in honor of spring here are some of my favorite warm weather tech cases!

xox L

1. Kate Spade– $40

2. Native Union POP Phone- $29.90

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs– $38

4. Dannijo- $98

5. RoseNie- $19.99

6. Marc By Marc Jacobs– $38

7. Southernne- $59.95

8. Tory Burch- $40

Neon Pink.

This week’s weather forecast has inspired me to whip out some pink (as if that’s something that I don’t normally do). Here are some of my neon pink picks. Don’t wear them all at once. Please. Enjoy!

Image {Bag} {& Sign} {Sandal} {Lip Stick}

 xox L

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