Hearts, Rainbows and Popcorn.

Pintrest has recently changed my life. I know I’m not alone on this one, but really… what did we do before it? I kept my creative endeavors to myself and had a folder filed away called “things that inspire me.” A manila folder clearly isn’t the way to find insipring recipes, layouts, or crafts BUT PINTREST IS!

A good friend of mine was having a party for the 2012 Academy Awards {PS did you see J.lo’s nip slip?} so I wanted to come up with a cute dessert to bring. A friend had recently ‘pined’ a recipe for party popcorn from shewearsmanyhats.com. Not only is it totally adorable, but it’s SO easy to make. I followed her exact recipe and chose to melt the white chocolate chips in a glass measuring cup in the microwave on POWER 50% for a minute and a half. Once I drizzled on the white chocolate, I let the popcorn sit out for about an hour so the white chocolate could harden.

In order to have some sort of portion/self control, I decided to make individual bags of  ‘party popcorn’ for each guest. Knot & Bow has some amazing glassine bags  and neon heart stickers that gave the project a cute final touch {and matched the rainbow nonpareils on the popcorn}.

And voilà! They were a hit.

Clockwise from top left: Party popcorn, Knot & Bow bags and heart stickers, final product!

I hope you try and enjoy!

xo Lo

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