First “AHA!” Moment of 2013

Lululemon Emergency Hair Tie


Hope everyone had a magical New Years Eve and welcomed 2013 surrounded by friends and family. One of my new year’s resolutions is to be a healthier person (mentally, physically, and emotionally.) So I got up this morning and decided to hit the ground running and head over to the gym. Well, apparently my gym didn’t get the memo that just about everyone makes a health related goal for the new year…. and they were closed. Since I was already up I meandered over to grab a cup of coffee before returning to my apartment, parking myself on the couch, and watching a TV marathon of some sort (preferably Dance Moms or Duck Dynasty.)

The gal who took my order complemented me on my hoodie (I had on my lululemon Scuba Hoodie). She told me that she also worked at lululemon and knew that it was a new product *yadda yadda yadda girl talk yadda yadda yadda*. Just after taking my order and discussing how I’d be broke if I worked at lulu (due to the employe discount), she told me one of the most amazing things I’ve heard this year (haha!). The stretch zipper pull doubles as an emergency hair tie!

*Mind Blow*

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the gym without a hair tie (or mine breaks, or I give it to someone else who needs it more) so this really was a game changer.

xox L

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